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Monthly Zoom Meetings and Quarterly Training

Monthly meetings focus on updates from government representatives, information about grants that are available, and training for chamber executives, board members, and locally elected leaders. 

Quarterly trainings are more in-depth training specifically for chambers and how to make their organizations betters.

08/11/23 Zoom Meeting

Lisa Roskelly with Representative Blake Moore's office updated us on the work the Congressman is doing in Washington DC with small business issues.


Nan Anderson, President of Capital Reef Media spoke about Destination Development Grants.

James Dixon, Director of Community Grants with the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity spoke about grants available that support economic opportunity.


Lance Soffe, Director of Targeted Industries with the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity discussed with us about their efforts in increasing industries in Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Financial Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation, and Software & Information Technology in rural areas.


Don Jennings with the Kanab Area Chamber of Commerce shared what is going right for their chamber.

07/14/23 Zoom Meeting

Ginger Chinn, Vice President of Public Policy for the SL Chamber, talked about how she tracks the bills going on up at Capital Hill so we don't have to. She invited us to attend their weekly Zoom meetings going over legislation that comes up.

Natalie El-Deiry, Director, Immigration and New American Integration, Governors Office of Economic Opportunity, spoke with how we can maximize the contributions of immigrants including workforce development.

Natalie Randall, Executive Director Utah Tourism Industry Association, spoke on the advocacy and education they offer to communities.

Desirae Broadhead with the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce shared what is going right for their chamber.

06/27/23 Quarterly Training Meeting

"The Politics of being Political"

A regular quarterly chamber training on how to help your chamber be the best it can!

06/09/23 Zoom Meeting

HD Sanderson, Health – Military – Uintah Basin Public Lands and Rural Issues, Office of Congressman John R. Curtis spoke to us about the US debt ceiling deal.

Mike Sarles, Certified Remote Work Leader, USU Rural Online Initiative (ROI)Funded by the Utah State Legislature in 2018, the ROI program was designated to help residents develop the skills necessary to seek competitive remote jobs without leaving their counties. Overall goals for the program are reducing unemployment in rural Utah communities, increasing median income household income and promoting environmental sustainability.

05/12/23 Zoom Meeting

Kyle Wilson, Outreach Director for Senator Mitt Romney's Office spoke about the resources his office offers and policies and bills he is working on. Kaden McBride with Southwest Tech discussed the benefits Custom Fit has for your chamber members. Brad Anderson with Blueprint Creation showed the benefits that your chamber can have by using Custom Fit to do employee training. Patsy Stoddard with the Emery County Chamber shared what is working for their chamber.

04/14/23 Zoom Meeting

Patti Cook with Women's Leadership Institute spoke about her program and how it can help chambers and businesses. Claire Warnick with Utah Broadband spoke about the effort to bring fast internet to all parts of Utah. Jim Rowland with the Payson/Santaquin Chamber of Commerce shared about what makes his newsletter a success for his chamber.

03/10/23 Zoom Meeting

Daniel Cluff with Bactelife shares his message about water conservation efforts. Kathleen Leavitt with Spanish Fork Chamber shares information on what makes their chamber successful.

02/10/23 Zoom Meeting

Live from the Utah Association of Chambers Winter Conference. Abby Ivory, RUCC Secretary and Greater Nephi Chamber of Commerce Executive director discusses creative ways to increase chamber funding.

1/13/23 Zoom Meeting

Matt Holton of Stokes Strategies; Justin Anthony, Director of Constituent Affairs for Senator Mike Lee; and Steve Evans with the Vernal Area Chamber Legislative Committee discuss effective ways to lobby your state and federal representatives.

12/09/22 Zoom Meeting

Government updates from Senator Mitt Romney's Office, Representative Burgess Owens' Office, and the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity (GOEO).

Training from the Women’s Business Center (WBC) Ann-Marie Wallace, State Director and Go Utah, Alecia Hart, Strategic Programs Manager.

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