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The Rural Utah Chamber Coalition represents rural communities throughout Utah and addresses any challenges or concerns they may have. Each month this organization meets to learn about needs and hear from various presenters. We invite people from rural communities throughout the state to share opportunities or challenges.

Rural Utah Chamber Coalition Board

History of the
Rural Utah Chamber Coalition

During the 2021 Legislative Session, Joel Brown and Steve Evans, of the Vernal Chamber of Commerce, were making several trips out to the capitol to meet with Legislators in fighting for bills that were going to impact most communities in Rural Utah.  During these trips they had many discussions on how they could make a bigger impact on our state, but specifically in


rural Utah.  They were one voice coming from the Uintah Basin, so what if they could get other Chambers to join a 'Coalition' to assist with important causes that affect rural Utah businesses?

They immediately came up with the name "Rural Utah Chamber Coalition", reached out to their good friend and colleague, Chris McCormick, and ran the idea by him.  He thought the idea was a good one, and he recommended that they start holding monthly Zoom calls with other Rural Chambers so that they could meet and have people from the Governors Office and other stakeholders attend and discuss best practices while learning from other Rural Utah Chambers.

Two years later, RUCC has continued to grow and foster important relationships across the state.


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